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Bridal 3-week Skin & Hair Regime
3-Week Skin & Hair Regime

Spectacular Skin in Minutes
Instant Fx

For Men
Sensitive Skin Care


Bridal 3-week Skin & Hair Regime
Different sub-species of Rose & Jasmine send out different Frarances.


Custom Creations

Custom Ancient ingredients; Queen Esther's Beauty secrets.. Myrrh, Aloes, Spikenard, Rose of Sharon, Myrrh, Frankincense, Rose, Henna, Calamus;

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Hair Serums

Face Serums

Eye Wrinkles & EyeLashes

Lip Smoother with Orchid Oil

Body Firming Serums


Eczema Care
95% Org. Hypo-allergenic
4 strengths.

Healthy Gums
For Sensitive Teeth

Acne Products:
Acne Control Serum, Acne Old Scars Serum, Acne Detox Mask, Acne Wash

Thai Bone Pain Synergy with Plai.



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Superfood Hot Chocolate- Coconut oil- Maca- Turmeric
Jan 29
Ayurved Inspired Detox Tea

Jan 21
Latest Review
Thanks to
Reshma Khavnekar 5 star
"Awesome line up of products by Holistic Healing !!! Loved their winter care products especially the lip balms which are very good.The hair serum for frizzy hair n the pure rose cream are working wonders for me and are my favourites.! Wishing them tremendous success !!"

Each of our Serums were made with specific Purpose.
GO Behind-The-Scene on how our Serums were made.

Ayurved in the Morning..

Jan 20
In today's Post, I share Client Pics and my own Skin Care regime with Holistic Serums to offset damage.

Jan 19
Dani Johnson "Live your life by design, not default Circumstances come and go. They change, take sharp turns in directions you never expected. But you don't have to let your life be defined by those circumstances."


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250+ Natural Ingredients
are used in our all-natural Serums filled with goodness. Some of them are listed here, and more will be updated.

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