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Holistic Serums are Made with Flower Extracts
Products with Flowers Flowers: Natures' Power

Hand-crafted with Authentic, Rare Extracts & Ancient Oriental Secrets
to Give You a Hand to Rediscover Inner Beauty and Health.
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Ultra-high Concentrate Serums, free of Water, made entirely with Natural Butters, Oils, Herbs, Gums, Clays
Considerate to Sensitive Skin and are FREE of Fragrance, Color, Alcohol, Petroleum
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Natural Hair Care


Eyes & Lips


1. Natural Hair & Scalp Synergy for Longer, Stronger, Volumized Hair
2. Argan & Ylang Styling Cream Smoother & Styled
3. Detangler Anti-frizz, Slick look with natural oils
4. Scalp Elixir Conc Blog: How to have Good Hair Everyday | Video: Non-dye Distinguished Grey Coverage

Super Serums
Enhance Color & Luster of Skin
1. Orchid Serum The Orchid is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote Radiant, Brighter, Youthful Skin. Anti-aging Orchid pics
2. Turkish Rose Cream for Supple & Pinker Skin tone, the beauty secret of Cleopatra Making of Rose Cream

Daily Skin Care: Facial Treat Wash, Pomegranate Mask, Blueberry Scrub

1. Eye Care System
with Squalene & Evening Primrose for firmer, brighter, eye area
2. Lip Restorer Pen for Delicately Smoothing, Softening, Brightening dark, dehydrated, wrinkled, chapped lips
3. Lash Conditioner forfuller looking lashes

1. Extra Dry/ Eczema Itch Synergy
100% natural oils, USDA org hypo-allergenic Oils. Reg, Med, Strong, Severe strengths
2. Eczema non-petroleum long-term moisturiser
Post: My search for a Non-allergenic Eczema Soap

Free of Common Irritants, Fragrance, Color, Water, Alcohol. Gentle Care for those prone to Sensitive Skin.

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